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We are excited to announce the launch of the "2024 Annual Industry Checkup" by the Kehrer Group.  Terrapin is once again a proud sponsor of this vital annual report. Kehrer Group’s annual review of investment services in banks and credit unions covers 2,450 institutions managing 9,360 advisors. The report is helpful for executives to evaluate their businesses against peers, product and service providers to track trends, and financial institutions to assess their prospects for entering the business.

Here is a sampling of insights revealed in the report:

  • Gross revenue from investment services increased 5.5% in banks and credit unions.
  • Average financial advisor revenue productivity improved 3.6% in financial institutions, and investment assets per advisor increased 7.5%.
  • Financial institutions grew brokerage and advisory assets 9.4% during the year.

Since 2012, the Annual Industry Checkup has provided year-over-year and long-term trends in the number and nature of banks and credit unions selling investments, advisor headcount, productivity, and their implication for the coming year.